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There are three levels of Emotional Body® instructors: Associate Instructor, Instructor, and Lead Instructor/Trainer. All instructors have studied with Lead Instructor/Trainers and followed an Emotional Body teacher training path. Emotional Body instructors have extensive experience in applying the teaching methods supported in the course text, The Emotional Body. All instructors have demonstrated the Emotional Body Instructional Understandings within their practice and model the abilities for their instructional level articulated in the Emotional Body Instructor Level Guidelines. Our signature Emotional Body® courses and materials are only available through Emotional Body instructors.

"The exercises brought clarity to emotional states and offered a means of developing greater emotional fluidity that I trust will be of value to me both personally and professionally. The teachers used our time efficiently and respectfully, covering the material in ways that were challenging, fun, and memorable. This introduction opened up a world for further study! " ~ Barbara Z. Abramson, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (Asheville Training, 2019)


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