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Emotional Body™courses are designed to provide you with the ability to sense, reconnect with, and physically regulate emotions. Using research-supported methods, Emotional Body instructors use gentle and gradually developed somatic sensing lessons to help you learn emotional fluency and physical emotion regulation methods. Courses are beneficial for personal and professional development purposes.

Emotional Body courses have a distinct instructional style that includes: (1) a new language of emotional effector pattern labeling, (2) low intensity lessons when introducing the emotion patterns, (3) and somatic sensing lessons. The courses also include our signature text, The Emotional Body, which includes lessons on recent emotion research, emotional fluency and literacy, and physical and vocal expression development. Emotional Body instructors have a clear understanding of the distinctions between, and philosophies behind, the various instructional methods used in their courses, and they clearly identify them in their practice. 

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Emotional Body

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