Emotional Fluency Project for Performers University of British Columbia
30-Hour Workshop
Vancouver, Saturday February 16 - Wednesday February 20, 2019

Cost: $600 (CAD), ($525, if registered by Jan 11)

Registration and Workshop Information

Laura Bond (CL5) will lead the workshop, accompanied by Tom Stroud (CL4), Violette Kjelgaard (CL3), and Ines Buchli (CL2).  

This workshop is the result of a two-year SSHRC grant for the Emotional Fluency Project. The research objectives of the project are to determine if the Emotional Effector Patterns (the basis of the BOS Method, Alba Emoting, and the Emotional Body methods) can provide the actor with a practical and effective methodology to consciously control the degree to which they engage in a process of identification or detachment from the character, monitor and regulate actor vulnerability in the creative process, and minimize post-performance stress. We also want to determine if the BOS effector patterns can provide the actor with an adaptable methodology to meet the specific emotional demands of a given style whether realistic, abstract, narrative or image based.

You can learn more about the workshops and the research project at emotionalfluencyproject.com   

This particular workshop is designed specifically for experienced actors/performers and would not be a good match for non-performers.