Monique Bagwell (Associate Instructor) is a Full Professor in the Media Studies and Communication Department, at Lander University. She has been teaching speech and performance studies for over 30 years. When she isn’t behind the podium, she is actively involved in the arts as an actress, stage director, and voiceover artist. She has won numerous awards and recognitions for her work as an actress, director, and educator. Her degrees include: A.S. in Speech and Theatre, from Kingsborough Community Theatre; B.F.A. in Performance, from Brooklyn College; M.F.A. in Performance, The Ohio State University. Aside from Emotional Body method instruction, she also specializes in a variety of performance training techniques including voiceover acting, directing, Suzuki Voice and Movement, and General American English.  Her voiceover work includes Audiobook Narration work on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. She has also voiced Telephony, Corporate Narration, eLearning, Podcasting, and live announcements. She offers classes online or at conferences on General American English, Introduction to Voiceover, Introduction to Audiobook Narration, and using emotional effector patterns (EEP), as well as Emotional Intelligence theories in Voiceover.

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Location: South Carolina 

“I have difficulty making emotional connections to copy and working through those physical
breathing exercises. Last night just seemed to help me connect the dots!! I had two auditions in
my inbox last night after the webinar. I did them both this morning and I felt like I approached
them with SO MUCH more confidence and connection than what I've been doing.  I actually had FUN doing my auditions today..... (that never happens)

-Leigh Laird, participant of Emotional Intelligence and Voiceover Online Workshop sponsored by Voiceover Vixen