Lavinia Plonka is offering a free online event through the Shift Network!

Body language expert and certified Feldenkrais Method® teacher Lavinia Plonka is presenting a free video event called Experience the Feldenkrais Method®: 3 Somatic Movements to Rewire Your Brain, Heal Chronic Pain & Increase Your Flexibility.

The Feldenkrais Method® practices harness the power of safe, subtle, sophisticated movements to teach you how to literally reorganize yourself — resulting in improved range of motion, reduced pain, and a fuller life.
By simply changing the way you literally MOVE through the world, you can free yourself of everything from chronic pain to self-sabotaging habits to unhealthy emotional patterns and more.
If you missed the main broadcast, you can register to receive the downloadable recording here
During this 60-minute free online event, you’ll:
Unlock “emotional postures” that reinforce physical and emotional pain and negative self-image
• Discover how to rewire your brain, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system so you can move through life with less pain and more confidence
Recognize the direct link between your inner and outer worlds — and how you move your physical body mirrors your feelings of self-worth, creative capacities, and worldview
• Develop awareness through movement to align your pelvis, ribcage, lungs, and heart for optimal health and healthy relationships
Receive 3 healing Feldenkrais sequences to reduce tension in your body and improve your balance and vision — literally and figuratively

As you’ll discover, your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and movements are closely interrelated — and influence each other in powerful ways.
The subtle, yet powerful Feldenkrais movements can help you heal emotional patterns, trauma, and chronic pain.
You’ll find that when your whole body cooperates in movement, achieving maximum efficiency with minimum effort, you unleash your powers of creativity, intuition, healthy sexuality, and more...
Welcome to the relationship you’ve been waiting for — your relationship with yourself.
You can register to receive the free downloadable recording here.