by Laura Bond

You are an emotional body. You were born with a body primed and ready to express your needs through emotions, and they influence all you feel, think, do, and say. Everything you encounter triggers your emotions, and then influences your health, relationships, perspective and perception of the world.

By learning more about emotions and developing skills to sense how they emerge and express through your body, you can become more adept at self-regulating emotions, managing how you express them, and consciously shifting from undesirable emotional states to more desirable ones.

The lessons in this book, previously available only through specialized courses and workshops, provide detailed information on a remarkable physical approach to emotion regulation. The Emotional Body uses physical patterns discovered in scientific research, and an instructional style informed by extensive research, somatic education theory, and more than ten years of development.

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Comments from Readers:

“I have been enjoying and benefiting from The Emotional Body book. Thanks for making it available to the public. Your method (and by extension Alba) is the first theory on emotions that has resonated with me. There are so many points in the book where I felt, ‘YES! why hasn't anyone else told me about this?!!!’" - Ekalos Ume Reed GCFP, a Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Laura Bond has made the complex topic of the Emotional Body approachable and engaging, translating this most nuanced of subjects into definable and reproducible patterns useful to anyone seeking to understand, regulate or employ the power of human emotion.” - Marie Lanser Beck, a writer/editor 

“The book is set up in an interesting and informative manner. I found it enjoyable to read as well as helpful. I really like how it is laid out and found it easy to find what I was looking for as well as understand what was being communicated.” – Dawna, a homemaker and teacher 

“I love the concept of understanding emotions, where they came from, and how we might be able to control them. I see this as very useful information for everyone.” – Kathy Milam, an optician 

“As a certified teacher of the emotional effector patterns, Laura's book was indispensable when I was teaching my own course in the emotional effector patterns. It was like have all of my notes on workshop experiences from the past four years at my fingertips, plus some new information. Laura's precision with language and deep understanding of emotion make it clear, and easy to follow the steps to create authentic emotion using my body and breath.” – Chaslee Schweitzer, an adjunct instructor and vocal coach

“Fabulous. Loved the emotion lists with each effector pattern, and the material on mixes. Adds a level of functionality to the training.” – Owen Allen, a physiotherapist, dancer and actor 

“I found the breakdown of each pattern into small exercises to be very accessible and the instructions easy to follow.” – Violette Kjedgaard, a teacher and actor