Two Online Intensive Courses Available: (1) The Emotional Body: Emotional Fluency for Actors, and (2) Setting the Patterns Free

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The Emotional Body: Emotional Fluency for Actors
Online Course
Hosted by Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance
Instructors: Laura Bond, Jessica Beck, and Lavinia Plonka

Monday 2 August to Saturday 7 August – 4pm to 9pm BST (UK) daily
(Each day will consist of 2 hours training, 1 hour lunch break and 2 hours training)
Total of 24 training hours

Early Bird Fee: £300 5 Tickets available 
Usual Booking Fee: £350

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How to Apply

This course applies both the Feldenkrais® method and the Emotional Effector Patterns to help you recognize, identify and explore different ways breathing and movement are associated with the characteristic functions and attitudes of emotions, without evoking any personal content. All six emotional effector patterns will be taught, as well as neutral and Step Out.

In our safe and nurturing environment, you will learn to:

- Increase vocal, physical, and emotional expressive range
- Connect your somatic sensations to identifiable emotional states
- Understand and speak about emotions with comfort, wisdom, and grace
- Identify and allow space for emotions in yourself and in others
- Access vocal, physical and emotional expressions with ease
- Employ restorative strategies to balance and calm the nervous system
- Discover personal and professional benefits and applications

Who is this course for?
The course is open to anyone interested in learning more about their emotional bodies, and might be of particular interest to performers, psychologists, educators, public presenters, and people in the business fields.

Setting the Patterns Free

An Online intermediate training hosted by The Emotional Fluency Project
Online: June 7 – 18, 2021
With Lead Instructors: Ines Buchli & Tom Stroud

Limited to 8 participants (SOLD OUT - Waitlist available by emailing
All sessions will be held via zoom

Workshop Schedule:  
10 – 2. 5 hour Synchronous Sessions 
Monday to Friday, (Weekends Off)
10:00 – 12:30 (EST)

Full Price - $550 (CND) 
Early Bird - $500 (CND) On or Before May 07, 2021

The workshop has been designed for advanced actors/teachers/directors who have completed, at minimal, an intermediate training in the Emotional Effector Patterns. The goal of the workshop is to develop a practical understanding of how to integrate the EEP into your theatrical practice.  Attention will be paid to working with the EEP in situations where not all members of the cast or creative team may be familiar with the EEP. 

Through exercises, drills, improvisation and scene work areas of exploration will include: 

Accessing the full body
Integrating Voice and Gesture
Being in response to your partner
Trusting impulse 
Externalizing Imagination 
Creating Mixes 
Anchor Points
Dynamic Arcs
Developing Key Character Patterns  
Character Complexity

Visit the Emotional Fluency Project website for important Criteria for Acceptance and the Application Process

Please read about The Emotional Fluency Project Terms & Conditions

Testimonials from intensive training in Toronto, May 2018:
"An extremely informative physical exploration of how the body and breath are interwoven and connect to the triggers that spur our emotional feelings". – Michael Kelly, Artistic Director of Shakespeare in Action

"Laura is a true master teacher and workshop leader. I found the Alba work fascinating, applicable and valuable in my work as an actor and voice/acting teacher". – Marya Lowry, Associate Professor, Brandeis University, Founding member and Resident Actor, Actor’s Shakespeare Project Boston

"I would recommend this work to anyone who has reservations about accessing challenging emotional material, as it applies to the moment at hand, without evoking emotional memory. Go ahead: surprise yourself. "– Patricia Tedford, Associate Professor of Acting and Voice, Thorneloe at Laurentian University, Sudbury

"Learning the emotional effector patterns has allowed me to focus on what my body is doing and what I am doing to my scene partner; not “where I need to be” in a moment. Laura Bond is a master, who teaches with patience, care and specificity. This work is a distinctive and effective rehearsal tool to help me deepen character, which happens to be startlingly complementary to the other tools that I have at the ready." – Arielle Zamora, Actor-Creator

Testimonials from the Online Intensive, July 2020
"As a standup comic, public speaker, and actor, I was blown away by The Emotional Body approach to expressing emotions -- the lessons were laid out so that anyone can learn how to get in touch with and express their authentic emotions..." - Carter Morgan, Standup comic and Developer Advocate for Google

"I was skeptical about taking an online course with this material, but this course was phenomenal!" - Natasha Lorca Yannacañedo, Actor/Assistant Professor

"The online platform works! Having experienced both an in-person intensive, as well as a full course via zoom, I cannot believe how successful the online experience turned out to be. The instructors are organized and knowledgeable, offering diverse expertise and providing equal and ample attention to each participant." ~ Kate Bateman, Clown, Actor, and Simulated Patient Educator