“Laura Bond is one of the premiere instructors of the technique Alba Emoting, a system of activating and understanding the physiological components of emotional patterns. There are only a handful of certified Alba Emoting instructors worldwide and Bond has been at the forefront of disseminating this technique by setting up and running intensive courses on a regular basis not only in the United States, but in the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico as well. Apart from in Chile, where the technique was developed, Alba Emoting has been primarily used as a tool for actors, but Bond has been striving to change that. Her teaching approach makes Alba Emoting accessible not just to actors, but to professionals such as psychologists, ontological coaches, social workers, or any person looking to find a better understanding of emotion through the physiological patterns. Through Bond’s teaching method, Alba Emoting can be easily applied to any profession or simply for personal use in one’s everyday life. Bond has also been the first Alba Emoting instructor to actively integrate Alba Emoting with the Feldenkrais Method, a form of somatic education, which enables participants to experience Alba Emoting on a deeper level.”