Michael Alban (Associate Instructor) has a B.S. in English from Towson University and is a busy working actor with series credits on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, CW and other networks. He trained with Lenard Petit at the Michael Chekhov Studio in New York. He has cultured an acting approach that is informed by his training and certification in the Alba Method (Level 3), as well as the Michael Chekhov and Estill Voice techniques. He is also a professional musician, multi- instrumentalist and singer who performs and teaches music as movement and maintains a studio of private students. The aforementioned practices along with Feldenkrais, Alexander, and the breath work of Carl Stough have enabled him to overcomeĀ his lifelong asthma and provided the framework of a somatic technique for the management of asthma.

Contact Michael through www.michaelalban.net

Location: Washington D.C. Area