Emotional Fluency for Actors
Originally planned for: June 12 – 16, 2020

The Asper Centre for Theatre and Film
The University of Winnipeg
400 Colony Street.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Cost $550 CAD
$475 CAD for registration prior to May 15, 2020

POSTPONED: The University of Winnipeg recently suspended all face-to-face instruction and closed all their campus buildings until further notice. We have agreed to postpone the Emotional Body course planned to take place on the university campus in June 2020. We hope to reschedule this course for another time in the future and will announce any future plans on this page when that information becomes available.

Emotional Body® Course Cancellation Policy

Although it is highly unusual, if a workshop must be canceled for any reason, participants will be notified immediately and will receive a complete refund of all workshop and housing fees. The Emotional Body and Pure Expressions, LLC is not responsible for expenses incurred beyond the registration and housing fees.

In support of our Instructional Understandings and our dedication to using care, sensitivity and responsibility within our instruction and planning of Emotional Body® courses, we are remaining aware of any updates on how the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) might impact our ability to maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment for our courses.

Since many of our courses and workshops are hosted by universities, we are checking with our host campuses for updates on developments concerning curriculum delivery alternatives, public event cancellations, and contractual terms impacting host events. We are also dedicated to working in alignment with any measures taken by our hosts in their efforts to take responsible public health actions that help mitigate the spread of the virus.

For additional information visit https://emotionalfluencyproject.com

The Workshop: 
This 5-day intensive course is designed to introduce professional actors, advanced students   and dancers interested in theatre to the use of the emotional effector patterns in the art and craft of acting. Emotional effector patterns offer the actor a safe and efficient method to enter an emotional state, regulate its intensity, and fully exit the experience at will. Actors trained in the patterns experience a greater range of expression, a heightened sensitivity to impulse and partner, a greater capacity to repeat emotional moments and to “let go” of emotions after a rehearsal or a performance.  The patterns can be utilized in conjunction with other techniques and can accommodate the stylistic diversity and eclecticism faced by actors working in the field today.

During the intensive, participants will:

• learn the six Emotional Effector Patterns paying attention to the precise technical details of the breath patterns, facial expressions, and postural attitudes.

• learn Step-out, a neutral pattern which allows the actor to return to emotional neutrality – essential in creating a safe and solid foundation for emotion regulation within the practice.

• explore the patterns in interactions with partners and apply to monologues and group improvisations.

At the end of the 5-days, participants will have achieved a clear understanding of how the Emotional Effector Patterns work and a knowledge of how they can be applied to the art and craft of acting.

Instructors: The workshop is being led by Tom Stroud (EB5) and Ines Buchli (EB4) with assistance from Gayle Murphy (EB3).