Hendersonville, North Carolina
Blue Ridge Community College, Sink Building – Room 233
Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning
BRCLL Member Fee: $30, Non-Member Fee: $40
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Stress Relief using the Emotional Body® method
Two2-hour Sessions
January 21 & 28
1:00pm- 3:00pm

Tension and rigidity can often build up in our bodies due to day to day stressors and pressures. Upsetting life events can leave us feeling weighty and weary. Our bodies clearly recognize the physical patterns associated with the basic emotions designed to get our attention concerning sad and stressful times. If these patterns are still present in our breathing and muscle movements—our bodies will still experiencealarm-oriented emotionsand may perpetuate these experiences in the form of subtle physical habits. If maintained, they can be detrimental to our overall health, social interactions, and may affect our ability to express pure joy, laughter, or savor the soft endearing moments of tenderness. When we learn to calm and clear the alarm-oriented emotions, and fully embody uplifting and positive emotions, we not only feel better, but we also activate the parasympathetic nervous system and remind ourselves that we are indeed safe, happy and healthy. Come learn about the Emotional Body® method,a safe and enjoyable way to discover more options for your emotional healthand transform old patterns into newchoices.

Laura Bond (Lead Instructor/Trainer) is a Full Professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville and a world-class somatic practitioner, scholar, and author of The Emotional Body: A Method for Physical Self-Regulation. Her specialty is in teaching the Emotional Body® method, centered around the science-based emotional effector patterns, and dedicated to providingsafe and reliable techniques for physical emotion regulation and the development of emotional expression and fluency. Visit www.emotionalbody.co to learn more.

“The exercises brought clarity to emotional states and offered a means of developing greater emotional fluidity that I trust will be of value to me both personally and professionally. This introduction opened up a world for further study! “ ~ Barbara Z. Abramson, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

“My eyes were opened through the information presented at the Emotional Body Course. I rarely paid attention to the physical changes that come with emotions before, and I have found that since my class, I notice the twinklings of my physical patterns almost before my brain has time to define my feelings.” ~ Ann